ZOWIE Experience Tour @ Cyber City LAN Center


The purpose of the ZOWIE Experience Tour is to bring gamers together to play games, try out products, share feedback, and connect with other gamers. Outfitted with ZOWIE peripherals, our staff hosted a ZOWIE Experience Tour at Cyber City eSports Center 2.5 to give local players the opportunity to try out our complete full range of products in games of their choice. The entire mice line was featured, including the EC, FK, ZA, and S series in all coatings alongside our premium 144Hz / 240Hz monitors and different mouse pad surfaces. Gamers participated in extensive product testing through casual and competitive games to find the mouse shape that best fits them. 

At the close of the event, in discussion with some of the players, Jason Ngo, from Cal State Fullerton, said "I love this experience. Not a lot of people are enthusiastic as me when it comes to mice so sometimes they don't get to try everything. I feel like giving us the opportunity to look at every single Zowie series mice is a perfect way for someone to jump into the brand and realize the quality and time that you guys put in to developing your products, whether it's the sizing, colors, materials, all of that".

To learn more about our various mice series, check out the following link: https://zowie.benq.com/en-ca/product/mouse.html

Can people truly see the difference between 144Hz and 240Hz? Does the difference matter? One of our goals for the ZOWIE Experience Tour is to give gamers the opportunity to make that decision for themselves. After testing out our 240Hz monitors, Erick Anderson of Amp Esports believes "When it came to jumping on the 240Hz monitor, I can completely tell the difference. I was able to hit more shots consistently. It's a huge drastic increase and I got adjusted to it really fast and because of that, I personally want one of these monitors now because of it”.

To learn more about our monitors, follow this link: https://zowie.benq.com/en-ca/product/monitor.html

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