XL Setting To Share™ - CoD WZ Pacific Mode

XL2746K/XL2731K/XL2546K/XL2540K/XL2411K has a new feature called XL Setting To Share™ that allows you share your display settings easily by saving them as a profile via our proprietary software.

Check out the video to see the comparison between the CoD Warzone Pacific mode with the Standard mode.


If you are using a XL2746K/XL2731K/XL2546K/XL2540K/XL2411K and have got XL Setting To Share™ on your PC, you can download CoD Warzone Pacific mode here and experience the gameplay right away.

If you have got a XL2746K/XL2731K/XL2546K/XL2540K/XL2411K and have not yet downloaded XL Setting To Share™, click here to get the program and see how it works.

If you play on console, you can manually input below settings on your K series monitor:
Mode: FPS1 Black eQ 7, Color Vibrance 9, Low Blue Light: 0 Gamma: 4, Color temperature: user define: R93, G86, B90 Brightness: 95, Contrast: 50, Sharpness:10

Or if your monitor is one of below old model, below is our attempt to mimic the result of the same color on your monitor:

XL2546S: Mode: Standard, Black eQ: 4, Color Vibrance: 12, Low blue light: 0 Brightness: 65, Contrast: 47, Sharpness: 10, Gamma: 5, Color Temperature: R99 G90 B97

XL2546: Mode: FPS1, Black eQ: 4, Color Vibrance: 13, Low blue light: 0 Brightness: 65, Contrast: 45, Sharpness: 10, Gamma: 5, Color Temperature: R98 G91 B91

XL2411P: Mode: Standard Brightness: 100, Contrast: 53, Low Blue Light: 0 Black eQ 12, Color temperature: user define: R97, G85, B100 Hue: 50, Color Vibrance 12 Sharpness: 10, Gamma: 4

XL2746S: Mode: FPS1 Black eQ 2, Color Vibrance 16, Low Blue Light: 0 Brightness: 75, Contrast: 50, Sharpness: 8 Gamma: 2, Color temperature: user define: R100, G95, B93

Team ZOWIE’S Settings to Share for More Game Titles

These are settings we find ourselves coming back to the most and we would like to share them with you, our friends. ZOWIE will continue to release video settings for new game titles. Stay tuned of our social media!

The modes are the video settings optimized for the mentioned gameplay and not performance enhancement guaranteed.