When moving the mouse above a certain speed, it starts sensing the movement incorrectly or gets stuck.

Troubleshooting  /   2023-08-03

Personal settings such as Windows sensitivity, in-game sensitivity, DPI, & mousepad surface may be the reason for this occurrence. Please test the unit on another PC and/or USB-port and follow these troubleshooting steps.

1. Clean the sensor lens with a brush.

2. Try a different surface for the mouse to track on

3. Test the mouse on a different LOD setting. 

(For EC-A, FK, ZA,  EC-C, FK-C, ZA-C, S-C, EC-CW seires)

 To learn more about How do you change/reset the LOD (Lift Off Distance) setting of the mouse?

If the problem persists and the product is still within the warranty period, please contact our support team.