The mouse works fine when moving up or down, but when the mouse points in any other direction, the sensor lags, stops entirely, or moves at 1/3 speed. What should I do?

Please test the unit on another PC and/or USB-port and follow these troubleshooting steps.

1. Clean the sensor lens with a brush.

2. Test the mouse on a different surface/mousepad.

3. Disable "Enhance pointer precision" in your mouse properties

    a) Control Panel > Mouse

    b) Pointer Options > Uncheck Enhance pointer precision 

4. Change LOD settings. (For EC-A, FK, ZA,  EC-C, FK-C, ZA-C, S-C, EC-CW seires)

     To learn more about How do you change/reset the LOD (Lift Off Distance) setting of the mouse?

5. Reinstall the mouse driver

    a) Control Panel > Mouse > Device Manager

    b) Expand Mice and other pointing devices > Right-click HID-compliant mouse and select uninstall

    c) After that is done, restart your PC.

Applicable Models

EC1-A (L), EC2-A (M), FK1 (L), FK1+ (XL), FK2 (M), ZA11 (L), ZA12 (M), ZA13 (S), EC1-CW (L), EC2-CW (M), EC3-CW (S), EC1-A WHITE (L), EC1 TYLOO (L), EC1 WHITE (L), FK1-B (L), FK1-B DIVINA BLUE (L), FK1-B DIVINA PINK (L), FK1-B RED V2 (L), FK1-B WHITE (L), FK1+ (XL), FK2-B DIVINA BLUE (M), FK1+-B DIVINA PINK (XL), FK1+-B RED V2 (XL), FK1+-B WHITE (XL), FK2 WHITE (M)

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