Holiday Gift Guide for Any Player

The best gift for any gamer this holiday season is one that helps to elevate their gaming experience. Even if you don’t know what refresh rate or what FPS means, you can still shop with confidence thanks to our guide. From the perfect monitor or to must-have gaming accessories, we are here to help you shop for the winning gift!

Gaming Monitors
New Esports Players

Our XL2411K with 144Hz refresh rate is perfect for those who are new to the ZOWIE brand or just entering the world of Esports. Players will have the ability to level up the game with 144Hz refresh rate and DyAc™ Technology! Compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

XL2411K 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Aspiring PRO players

Gift the PRO experience with this Esports gaming monitor! The XL2546K gaming monitor features a 240Hz refresh rate and DyAc⁺™ Technology for a smooth, gameplay experience. The XL2546K is the gaming monitor that most PROs consider as the gold standard of esports monitors.

XL2546K 240Hz Gaming Monitor

PRO Players Who Want to Level Up the Game

Introducing our latest addition: the XL2566K 360Hz gaming monitor offers a competitive edge with optimized smoothness. Both current and aspiring PRO players will find that they have all the tools they need to perform at the best of their abilities. Experience improved motion clarity with DyAc⁺™ Technology and 360Hz refresh rate!

XL2566K 360Hz Gaming Monitor

Ideal for Aspiring Halo PRO Players

Our XL2540K 240Hz gaming monitor was designed for competitive gameplay and is presented as the official tournament monitor for the Halo Championship Series. Players can find a specific color mode fine-tuned for Halo and provides enhanced visibility while in-game. Share settings with teammates thanks to our XL Setting To Share™ technology.

XL2540K 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Gaming Accessories

Aspiring PRO Players

Our EC2-C ergonomic gaming mouse features an asymmetrical design for different grip styles. The soft resilient cable produces less bounce and drag during aggressive movements. Pair our EC2-C gaming mouse with our Skatez-Type C mouse feet for a more consistent and swifter glide. Click here to view our collection of gaming mice to see which one best fits your gaming needs.
Make sure to check out our Special V2 Edition mice that are available in a matte red and glossy white finish!

EC2-C Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Skatez-Type C Mouse Feet

Special V2 Red Edition Mice

Special V2 White Edition Mice

PRO Players with a Red Setup

The G-SR-SE Rouge large esports gaming mousepad provides a smooth glide feel with steady control and non-stitched edges. The fabric is soft to the touch and traps less moisture decreasing the chances of humidity. Our gaming mousepad is loved by many CS:GO and Valorant PRO players.

G-SR-SE Gaming Mousepad

Designed to Eliminate Cable Drag

The CAMADE II cable management device allows players to choose a comfortable height thanks to the unique adjustable spring arm design. It allows for quick and unobstructed movement due to its weighted base and rubber coating on the anti-slip feet. The CAMADE II is equipped with rubber clip holders to fit mouse cords of different thickness and its solid design requires no additional assembly.

CAMADE II Mouse Cable Management Device