BenQ Announces the ZOWIE DIVINA Special Edition Line of Equipment


BenQ has launched the ZOWIE DIVINA line which includes the new S series, the classic EC-B series and the G-SR mousepad in pink and blue.

The DIVINA S series is ZOWIE's first symmetrical right-handed series of mice.  The S Series was designed to have a shorter overall length allowing users to easily wrap around and hold the mouse. There is enough space between the palm and back edge of the mouse which means users can move more freely during vertical movements while still being able to rest their palm on the back of the mouse.

The front end of the mouse has been raised to allow palm grip users to place their right ring finger comfortably while the sides of the mouse are designed similarly to other ambidextrous ZOWIE mice like the FK and ZA series. This design means that claw grip users will also be able to hold the mouse comfortably and move it freely.

The side buttons on the right side have been removed to prevent interference with a user's grip while the mouse cable attachment point has been redesigned allowing the cable to be raised at an angle. This lowers the chance of the cable dragging on the mouse pad which can interfere with game play and overall consistency. 

The DIVINA S series is equipped with a 3360 sensor and is available in two sizes, S1 and S2. The S1 is a medium size due to the overall shortened length while the S2 is a small size. The S series also comes with a report rate switch at the bottom of the mice to easily switch to your preferred setting.

The ZOWIE DIVINA EC-B series is available in two sizes, EC1-B and EC2-B. It is equipped with the 3360 sensor and has large mouse feet like those found on the EC-A series.

For more information on the DIVINA special edition products, please visit: or follow ZOWIE DIVINA social media for more product availability information :




•             Symmetrical Right-Handed Mouse

•             Shorter overall design with enhanced palm support allows for more free movement

•             Mouse cable attachment point is raised at an angle to lower the chance of the cable dragging on the mousepad 

•             Adjustable Report Rate Switch - 125/500/1000 Hz

•             Adjustable DPI Switch - 400/800/1600/3200 DPI