Which models are compatible with PS5 and XBOX series X for Freesync (Premium)?

Specification  /   2021-11-30

Please refer to the Freesync (Premium) compatible models listed below.

_ESD_Console freesync support

*For now, PS5 does not support Freesync (Premium) function. This will depend on the future update plan of the console. For more information, please refer to the Playstation website for details. 


To enable the Freesync (Premium) function in the XBOX series X, please follow below steps:

1) Make sure to enable the Freesync (Premium) function on the OSD of your monitor.

2) Restart your console.

3) Go to "TV & display options" under "General".

4) Go to "Video modes" under "Advanced".

5) Check the option “Allow variable refresh rate”.


*Since the “Overrides” setting is not compatible with “Allow variable refresh rate”, please make sure the option of “Overrides” in “Display” under “Video fidelity & overscan” is selected on “Auto-detect (Recommended)”.